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Website credits

Last updated on 08 March 2012


This website was designed, developed and implemented by Yoomee

Web mistress:

This website is maintained and updated by the BTA's Communications Manager, Nic Wray. Enquiries can be addressed to

Photo credits:

We would like to thank the Ear Institute, UCL for the use of images used throughout the site.

Oleg Pidodnya |

Phil Date |

Paul Edwards |

Russ London


chrisharvey |

carl durocher |

leloft 1911 |

Kristie Macris |

Salvatore Vuono


Jonas Bergsten

Flavia Costs

David Benbennick

Graur Razvan

Graur Codrin

Renjith Krishnan

Simon Howden

Steve Mann |

Danilo Rizzuti



Felixco, Inc



Anusorn P nachol

Luigi Diamanti

Savit Keawtavee


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We have endeavoured to locate and credit the photographers who have generously given their photographs free of charge, but please let us know if we have inadvertently omitted you.

CD Duplication

Our noise and information CDs are duplicated by Duplication Station

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