Tinnisoothe produces wearable tinnitus relief devices here in the UK. Until July 31st, supporters of Tinnitus UK can enjoy a 20% discount by using the code ‘TUK20’ at the checkout.

If your tinnitus is more noticeable in quieter surroundings, you might want to check out TinniSoothe®.

TinniSoothe is a small, wearable white noise device that brings the proven benefits of sound therapy to you 24/7, without the need for anything in or around the ears. Registered in the UK as a Class 1 medical device, the product is patented and made in Britain. We understand that Tinnitus is a personal condition and white noise is not the answer for everyone, which is why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Until July 31st, supporters of Tinnitus UK can enjoy a 20% discount by using the code ‘TUK20’ at the checkout. Plus, TinniSoothe donate £5 from every product sold to their charity partners; Tinnitus UK, Combat Stress and Help Musicians.

Please note: 

  • TinniSoothe can provide relief for all types of tinnitus. However, if you have severe or profound hearing loss that is not corrected by hearing aids, TinniSoothe is unlikely to be effective.
  • Any purchases made via the Tinnitus UK web site will be with TinniSoothe and not with Tinnitus UK. As such, purchases will fall under TinniSoothe’s terms and conditions.
  • Any personal information you provide will be held by TinniSoothe in line with GDPR, as outlined in their privacy statement.
  • Accepting an organisation as a corporate partner of Tinnitus UK does not imply endorsement of the organisation, their products or their services by Tinnitus UK.

"At TinniSoothe, we put mental well-being right at the centre of what we do - and talking about things is at the heart of that. We also put our money where our mouth is, and financially supporting Tinnitus UK means that we can help them in their fight to silence tinnitus."

Howard Presland, Founder of TinniSoothe