Tinnitus treatments

We check tinnitus treatments to see if they are safe and effective for those living with tinnitus

Last updated: July 2024

Here we provide a regularly updated list of treatments and gives our verdict on them.

We provide verdicts on two aspects of each treatment:

Safety - whether the treatment will do you any harm

  • 3 Evidence of harm
  • 2 Some potential for harm
  • 1 Regarded as safe

Efficacy - whether the treatment works for tinnitus

  • 3 Evidence that it is not effective
  • 2 No or limited evidence that it is effective
  • 1 Evidence that it is effective

If you hear of a treatment that isn’t listed here, please call the Helpline 0800 018 0527 or send an email to: communications@tinnitus.org.uk

All Treatments

Below is a list of all the treatments we’ve currently reviewed. Use the search and filters above to find treatments that are of interest to you.

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