Tinnitus manifesto

Time to listen: A manifesto for tinnitus

Three steps the Government must take to give people with tinnitus hope for a cure

In January 2020, we hosted a Tinnitus Roundtable event at the House of Commons, sponsored by Sir John Hayes MP, who has tinnitus himself. The event brought together leading academics, politicians, research-funders, patient support groups, clinicians and people with tinnitus. The group helped to map out a way forward for tinnitus research, leading to three clear calls for Government, which would enable them to seize the opportunity to grow the field and make the huge leaps forward that are so close and so important to people with tinnitus.

Calls to action

  1. Commit 1% of the health service cost of treating tinnitus towards research to find cures – a total of £7.5m per year to be dedicated to research
  2. Build a long-term infrastructure to ensure that there is the capacity to deliver the quality and volume of research needed to make real progress, building on the work of the committed research community
  3. Prioritise studies that will help establish the key foundational knowledge for tinnitus research, and enable the community to move forward to find cures, including:
    a. Identifying tinnitus biomarkers
    b. Developing reliable objective measures of tinnitus
    c. Identifying tinnitus subtypes