Plug’em aims to encourage wearing earplugs at gigs, festivals, clubs – basically anywhere you’re exposed to potentially dangerous noise levels.

Loud place? Loud task? Plug’Em!

Exposure to loud noise can damage your ears and give you tinnitus. But just like you protect your eyes with sunglasses, you can protect your ears with ear plugs.  

We want everyone going to gigs, riding motorbikes, using power tools, going to festivals, working in loud environments, out clubbing, doing DIY or in any situation where noise can rise to a potentially harmful level to wear earplugs  

Protecting your hearing is very important. Once the damage has been done, it cannot be repaired, only managed. Being aware of the problems that loud noise can cause, and the steps you can take to protect yourself, is vital. 

We want to remove the stigma of ear plugs and show that they don’t have to reduce sound quality, be uncomfortable or bright yellow! 

Always remember… Loud place? Loud task? Plug’em! 

  • Plug’em FAQs

    Frequently asked questions about how to protect your hearing at music events and other loud environments

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  • Earplugs

    A guide to different types of earplugs to help you choose ones which are right for you.

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  • Protecting your ears at festivals

    “Anyone with tinnitus caused by loud music will tell you how much they regret not getting hearing protection earlier. Protect your hearing now if you value it before...

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Show us how you plug’em!

Share your hearing protection selfies so everyone knows that when it’s loud, you plug’em.

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