Tinnitus Conference 2024

Annual conference taking place online from 23 to 27 September 2024.

The Tinnitus Conference 2024 will be taking place online from 23 to 27 September 2024.

The five-day conference will include the latest information and research from the world’s leading experts at the very forefront of tinnitus and tinnitus support.

The conference is aimed at professionals and researchers supporting people with tinnitus; from audiologists, ENTs, GPs, mental health professionals, peer support leaders, educators and PhD students.

The conference will follow the below format:

  • Monday: Psychology
  • Tuesday: Specialist
  • Wednesday: Practical
  • Thursday: Research
  • Friday: Research

Across the five-day conference, our guest speakers will be delivering a total 20 sessions, and all sessions will be subtitled, including the live Q & A.

Not available to make the live sessions?

Catch up on all sessions on-demand until Monday 23 December 2024.

Thank you for a great week with lots of interesting and informative speakers. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to attend online and not miss this event.

Tinnitus Conference 2023 attendee

Once again, we are very grateful to Lenire for sponsoring the Tinnitus Conference 2024. Partnerships like this mean that we can continue to fund our services and support those living with tinnitus. To find out more about Lenire's ground-breaking at-home tinnitus treatment device, visit their website.

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