Nobles Hospital

Offering hearing services for both adults and children

Nobles Hospital offer hearing services for both adults and children. They run a tinnitus support group and also have products available for people suffering with tinnitus such as noise generators, CDs, books, and pillow speakers.

“We are supporting Tinnitus UK as we recognise the significant contribution they make towards helping people to manage their tinnitus and their contributions to ongoing research. Their reciprocated support helps us greatly, and we are proud to support Tinnitus UK”

Nobles Hospital

Summary of services

  • Hearing and balance diagnostic testing for adults and children
  • Universal neonatal hearing screening
  • Auditory rehabilitation using hearing aid technology- offered to children and adults
  • Drop in clinics for hearing aid repairs
  • Tinnitus assessment and treatment
  • Counselling/ CBT
  • Education and training of other healthcare professionals
  • Retraining therapy
  • Combination hearing aids
  • Tinnitus support group
  • Referral to other agencies as required

2014 Joined as a Public Sector Member