Support Tinnitus Week 2024 on social media

Help us to raise awareness of tinnitus on social media

Support Tinnitus Week 2024 on social media

If you use social media please like/follow/share and comment on our posts because this helps us to reach more people. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and XTwitter.

During Tinnitus Week (5-11 February) we would love you to help us raise awareness in your networks by posting on your social media channels. You can download and use our official Tinnitus Week artwork by clicking on the links below.

We even have some suggested wording that you can use:

Volunteers/Members/People living with tinnitus

Option 1

I am 1 in 7 adults in the UK living with Tinnitus. There is no known cure and living with this condition affects so much more than ‘just’ hearing. That’s why I’m supporting Tinnitus Week 2024. #StruggleForSilence #SilentStruggle #TinnitusWeek

Option 2

Tinnitus affects 1 in 7 adults in the UK and there is no known cure. This Tinnitus Week, I’m supporting Tinnitus UK. #StruggleForSilence #SilentStruggle #TinnitusWeek

Option 3

Living with tinnitus affects so much more than my hearing. #StruggleForSilence #SilentStruggle #TinnitusWeek

Individual assets

(right click and ‘save as’ to download)

Square (1080×1080)

TW 2024 Square Asset 1
TW 2024 Square Asset 2
TW 2024 Square Asset 3
TW 2024 Square Asset 4
TW 2024 Square Asset 5
TW 2024 Square Asset 6
TW 2024 Square Asset 7

Landscape (1920×1080)

TW 2024 Landscape Asset 1
TW 2024 Landscape Asset 2
TW 2024 Landscape Asset 3