Tinnitus Week is supported by Lenire®

Learn more about Lenire® who are supporting Tinnitus Week and helping us to raise awareness of tinnitus

Tinnitus Week is supported by Lenire®

We’d like to thank Lenire® for supporting Tinnitus Week and for helping us to raise awareness of tinnitus.

Image of a woman wearing headphones. She is holding a Lenire device in her hands.

Lenire tinnitus treatment device


Ask your doctor about Lenire, the at-home tinnitus treatment device that has been proven safe and effective in clinical trials and with real world patients.

  •  Easy to Use: Lenire is an easy-to-use tinnitus treatment device you use at home with guidance from leading healthcare professionals.
  • Scientifically Proven: Lenire has been proven safe and effective across three large scale clinical trials involving 600+ participants.
  • Lasting Relief: Relief from tinnitus that sustained for at least 12-months was reported by 80.1% of compliant participants in Lenire’s 1st clinical trial (TENT-A1), and 91% in the 2nd clinical trial (TENT-A2).
  • Accessible: Lenire is available across the UK through leading hearing care clinics such as Peter Byrom Audiology, Gatwick Audiology, The Tinnitus Clinic, and The Invisible Hearing Clinic.

Learn more about breakthrough tinnitus treatment device, Lenire, and hear insightful patient success stories at Lenire.com. Want to get started treating your tinnitus with Lenire? Find a clinic near you using the button below.

Watch the video below to learn how Lenire works.


Lenire® is available in the UK (through private practice only) and Europe. It has FDA approval allowing it to be sold in the USA.

Neuromod Devices Limited (the makers of Lenire®) are Corporate Members of Tinnitus UK, and have previously sponsored both our Annual Conference and Tinnitus Week.

Click here to read the Tinnitus UK treatment sheet for Lenire®