Update on Tinnitus Week 2024

Last month we launched our Tinnitus Week report, ‘Revealing the struggle for silence: Tinnitus UK highlights the alarming mental health crisis amid a void of support’.

We knew that the report would make an impact and, now we’ve analysed the data, we can proudly say that it reached a combined audience of over 100million people. Anecdotally, we’ve heard on our social media channels that people living with tinnitus felt heard and that many of them feel that our report reflects their experience.

You may have missed it but, the report generated a lot of broadcast media coverage. It was featured on BBC Breakfast on Sunday 4 February when Dr. James Jackson appeared on the sofa and Communications Manager and the report’s author, Nic Wray, joined via Zoom. They were then both interviewed by BBC 5 Live.

On Monday 5 February there was a report on Five News featuring Nic Wray, Tinnitus Support Group leader Christopher Nolan and Audiologist Sue Falkingham. Good Morning Britain also mentioned the report when they covered Tinnitus Week on Wednesday 7 February.

The report was featured on television six times during the week. We also took over the radio airwaves with 36 radio interviews and three podcasts. The regional radio coverage spanned the length and breadth of the UK and included Welsh language programming.

You can listen to the Word on health podcast here:  https://www.wordonhealth.com/on-air-articles.php and the Guardian Science Weekly podcast here: https://www.theguardian.com/science/audio/2024/feb/29/the-debilitating-impact-of-tinnitus-and-how-a-new-app-could-help-podcast

Press coverage of Tinnitus Week appeared in a wide variety of publications from regional newspapers, People’s Friend to Mixmag (who featured eight online articles across the week) https://mixmag.net/feature/the-different-types-of-tinnitus-and-how-to-spot-the-early-sign as well as Medscape https://www.medscape.co.uk/viewarticle/people-tinnitus-deserve-more-empathy-primary-care-2024a100037f

We are now working on the next phase of our campaign and hope to have some updates to share soon.