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Funding secured for new Tinnitus Support Groups in the South-West

We are delighted to let you know that we will soon be launching a new project to develop tinnitus support groups in the south-west of England. This exciting new project is funded by the National Lottery (Reaching Communities), with funding secured until October 2026.

By Ben Menter · October 20, 2023

We are looking to engage with local communities in the south-west to recruit, empower and support people with tinnitus to set up new support groups.

This is in response to a need we identified in the region, which is currently largely isolated from local tinnitus support.

Our first task is to recruit a Regional Engagement Officer, who will be based in the south-west. They will embed themselves within the existing tinnitus community in Dorset, Devon and Cornwall with the aim of significantly improving the support for those living in the region. The Regional Engagement Officer will:

  • Engage with our current support groups in the south-west area
  • Network with organisations and people with tinnitus
  • Hold awareness raising events
  • Create new tinnitus support groups in the areas of identified need

These groups will offer support around better management of tinnitus and provide an opportunity to meet and get inspiration from others living with tinnitus in a number of ways, including occasional talks and presentations from guest speakers.

Securing the £169,383 of funding from the National Lottery’s Reaching Communities programme is an incredible achievement for our small team at Tinnitus UK. We are very proud that we were able to do this and that we will be able to help even more people with tinnitus in the region.

If this new project, with a dedicated Regional Engagement Officer, is successful we may then be able to use it as evidence to apply for similar projects in other areas we know that are under-served by tinnitus support groups. This includes Northern Ireland, North Wales, and the North-East of England. We therefore hope that the south-west project is only the start of supporting more people with tinnitus throughout the UK in a dynamic, positive, and localised way.

We are excited and proud to launch this new South-West Tinnitus Support Groups project. Spread the word and look out for information coming soon, including the recruitment advert for the Regional Engagement Officer.