#TinnitusWeek themes

'When it's loud... Plug'em' that's the theme for this year's #TinnitusWeek

When it’s loud – plug’em!

That’s our message this year. Whether you are on a noisy train, at a gig or doing some drilling – everyone needs to be protecting their ears. Read our report ‘A lot to lose – tinnitus and noise exposure’ if you need more information as to why this is so important.

So #Tinnitus Week begins on 6 February and we have some themes for each day to help everyone understand when and how to plug their ears and we have a suite of social media assets and posters for you to download and share.

Monday 6 February 2023DIY and construction trade
Tuesday 7 February 2023Emergency services
Wednesday 8 February 2023Noisy travel - tube trains, motorbikes etc.
Thursday 9 February 2023Armed forces
Friday 10 February 2023Entertainment - music, film etc.

Show us how you plug'em

Share your hearing protection selfies and let’s make it the norm that when it’s loud, you plug’em.

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